Hannelore Karl, MA
Professor at University of Applied Arts, Vienna
Free lance jewellery designer and academic restaurator
Expositions in several European cities.
im atelier

Comments and works by participants:

"Learned numerous techniques in a very short time, received a lot of creative input, enthusiastic, fun of learning and experimenting..."

arbeiten im Schmuckatelier
"Personal attention, small group, practical work, exchange of ideas"

"Creative freedom. Supportive cooperation by tutor for own ideas which were developed and refined until they could be put into practice"
"Made great progress! Changed my perception of artistic handicrafts. Involvement and patience of tutor were admirable..."

"A new and fascinating territory! Caring, patient and competent support by tutor enabled me to take home a remarkable piece, in spite of total lack of previous experience"
entwurf und ausführung